Tribal Fusion Express Dance Festival | 25-28 Aprile 2019

Corsi a.a. 2018/19

Tribal Fusion Express Dance Festival | 25-28 Aprile 2019

Aradia Spell a.c.a.s.d. is pleased to present the new Tribal Fusion Express Dance Festival edition that will be held in Rome from the 25th to the 28th of April 2019.

Special Guests: Amy Sigil (USA), Polina Shandarina (RU)

25-28 April 2019
3 Workshops with Polina Shandarina
S.I.G.I.L. Certification with Amy Sigil
Tribal Fusion Express Show
Tribal Fusion Express Showcase

S.I.G.I.L Certification:
The newest dance program written by dancer, choreographer, creator of ITS, and director of UNMATA, Amy Sigil. This program is all about sharing vocabulary and concepts in movement. You will be highly encouraged to dance, practice, teach or share this information directly after your first exposure to the program. There is no test! You will receive a certificate stating that you have been exposed and inspired by specific movements and ideas. This program is great for instructors teaching weekly classes who are constantly looking for new material, as well as movers seeking new inspiration for their personal practice.

This experience is organized into 5 sections. STAPLES, INSPIRATION, GENERATE, I (TEAMWORK), and LOVE. STAPLES includes movement sequences specific to the Sigil style. Massive amounts of vocabulary to add to your library of combinations, drills, isolations and overlays. INSPIRATION is full of…inspiration! Spirit changing exercises, games with gusto and everything that brings us to generate physical dreams. GENERATE is how to make dances quickly and efficiently as well as tricks for editing. I … is all about how to work well in a group! Skills for setting yourself aside to better the group work. LOVE is why we do it! We will tackle such topics as fear, receptiveness and dedication.
Think of this program as a re-charge. Material you can use right away. This program isn’t expecting perfection, it’s expecting you to run with this and use it to inspire the world.

More details about S.I.G.I.L. Certification , Polina’s workshops, Show and Showcase, booking, schedules, location…..COMING SOON!



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